Hall Challenges

  1. Real American

    Real American

    Points: 3

    You voted for Donald J. Trump!

  2. 3

    Active Shooter

    Whether it's a bullseye target or a trophy buck, you've shown off your 2A support with action!

  3. NRA Supporter

    NRA Supporter

    Points: 3

    You support America's oldest Civil Rights group with donations or full membership!

  4. Street Fight 4 Trump

    Street Fight 4 Trump

    Points: 4

  5. I'm Lovin' It

    I'm Lovin' It

    Points: 5

    Whoa, you ate 5 McDoubles on cam! Gotta get big!

  6. Gimme 20!

    Gimme 20!

    Points: 5

    You did 20 push-ups. That wasn't so bad, was it?

  7. 5

    Gym Rat

    You've maintained an active training log for 6+ months!

  8. Big Boy Season

    Big Boy Season

    Points: 5

    Deadlift 400lbs or twice your bodyweight, whichever is higher!

  9. Brothers in Arms

    Brothers in Arms

    Points: 10

    You met up with another Hall member in real life!

  10. Strainin'


    Points: 10

    You did 10 pull-ups and proved you haven't let your spirit and body waste away!

  11. Gimme 50!

    Gimme 50!

    Points: 10

    You did 50 push-ups ... and didn't resort to half reps!

  12. Participation and Effortposting

  13. 1

    First Message

    The journey has just begun!

  14. 2

    Somebody Likes You

    Somebody out there liked one of your posts!

  15. 5


    100 posts. You must like it here!

  16. 5


    Your messages have been liked 50 times. Quality content!

  17. 7

    Can't Stop!

    You've posted 250 posts. I hope this took you more than a day!

  18. 10


    1,000 posts? Impressive!

  19. Article Contributor

    Article Contributor

    Points: 10

    Your Hall original article has been published!

  20. 10

    Hall Supporter 2017

    You are an official patron, we wouldn't be here without you!

  21. 15


    Content you have posted has attracted 250 likes. The Hall accepts you!

  22. 25

    Student of HPF

    9000 posts and counting!

  23. 30

    Basement Philosopher

    Your unique transcendent worldview gives you privileged access to universal truths

  24. Milestones

  25. Had a Birthday

    Had a Birthday

    Points: 1

    Here's your trophy

  26. 2

    Social Media Conquistador

    You associated your Facebook account with The Hall! It's just for log-in purposes, but we appreciate your intent.

  27. Pioneer


    Points: 3

    Registered on day one!