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Don't rightly know where to put this.....

I've never been able to answer satisfactorily when people ask me what my dream job is. I don't have a dream job, I don't want to work. Who would? "Ok, ok, Mike, but stop taking the piss, if you had to work, what's your dream job?" It's such a moot point for me that I don't think about it. If my job was to go into the office and get a blowjob every day I'd get sick of it. Fuck! Not another blowjob! Can't I just sleep in and smoke a doob?

Becoming very anti-work lately. My employed life has pretty much just been cycles of burnout and recovery, burnout and recovery.....it's really not healthy. Since I started this job in July, I've had a runny nose every day. A cold the last 3 weeks that's difficult to shake. I remember being unemployed, I was never short of sleep. Potent morning wood every day, enjoyed all my activities, if I was ever stressed out it was excessive caffeine consumption. Lately I'm just achey from work, can't manage to get into the gym very much. Which is awful, because gym is literally the only thing in my life I care about, without exception.

I imagine most people need about 2-3 hours to de-stress before they can even really engage in activities that use their brain again, like reading. If I get home from the gym at 6 o'clock, meal prep for the next day, shower, it's at least 6.30......and I'll go to bed at 8.30 to ensure 9 hours sleep for proper health. What fucking time does that leave for me for meaningful activities? Where is my life? Fuck this 40 hour work week slavery shit. I am done. I have no wife/gf, children to support. I don't really care that much about house ownership. The carrot is not really great enough to keep me on the hamster wheel any longer. I can probably work 25 hours to support myself, along with a side hustle I won't talk about here which could eventually become my only source of income.
Fair enough. Wasn't trying to be snarky.

There are definitely people who *seem* to function on what should be inadequate levels of sleep. For me, 9 hours is not even close to optimal. 10.5 is usually about the best.


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@Michael I'm a defense contractor who spends the majority of my time overseas. Don't really like my job or hate it, but there were plenty of days when I wish I could just be unemployed and collect a check instead like during the hood white guy period of my life in LA nine years ago. Lost the energy to work out and put on a shit ton of weight between early July and late September.

I think the boomers were the last generation fortunate enough to really have a "dream job" in massive numbers. Most people are just doing what they need to in order to get by and won't really miss what they do when they stop working, they'll probably just miss certain people they once worked with or something like that. On a similar note, I doubt there's that many people in really happy marriages too. Maybe it's carried over from my cynical self hating incel days, but there are times when I seriously wonder how many couples are truly happily married or with their soul mate. Seems like more of a state sanctioned business contract where the business partners fuck at least every once in a while in some cases.


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None of my duties can be outsourced, but my work is so easy it doesn't matter. Also because I show up on time and don't call in sick and have a 130 IQ my bosses don't care if I fuck around half the day reading.

@Michael if it makes you feel any better what you're feeling is what most of west is feeling now. I'd say go with your heart, get some bullshit work, don't be stressed. Can't you be a doorman at a club and slang swole juice (in minecraft) on the side?


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I think Servo said that there was nothing on Earth he would want to do for 40 hours a week, and if the Democrat platform actually involved fighting for 25 hour work weeks he'd be fine with that. Makes sense. I've had to work 90 hour weeks at sea without the luxury of being able to at least kick back and relax at home after a tumultuous day. Goes with the territory though.


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I work only because I have to and if I was single I would definitely not be doing what I'm doing now but I make decent coin doing it so I keep at it. I don't do anything extra for the company and I hold them to exactly everything they owe me.

One of the biggest downfalls of western whites is their misplaced loyalty. Loyalty to a brand or to your company (assuming they are a corporation of decent size and not a mom and pop shop) is misguided and stupid. Sacrificing yourself or time with your family for a faceless bureaucracy is stupid. I did that for a brief time and learned the hard way. When I decided to make the best decision for my family I was essentially blacklisted because I'm not willing to toil away 65 hours a week years on end at the expense of my health and watching my kids grow up.
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