Medieval and other older music


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I see all the renewed attention classical music, traditional ways, and works of true, objective beauty have been getting here and elsewhere, and thought to myself the other day while listening to some Walther von der Wogelweide that there is somewhat of a blind spot in music that came before what would widely considered to be Classical Music ( wikipedia lists it as "classical period" music) like Bach, Mozart, etc. I spent several hours listening to whatever I could find, and was struck in my very soul at how beautiful it was, the antithesis to the soulless pop music that has been in favor since the 1960's. I encourage all of you to go find what you can and post it here for the rest to enjoy, as I am right now outside on my porch, with a cigar and a stout drink



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At first I was going to say "pre-Renaissance" to distinguish this from the Classical thread but maybe we should make it "pre-piano" instead.
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