Propaganda in Western Media + the "Fake News" collection

This particular election cycle wasn't so bad. I see some troubling signs for the future though.
The pure popular vote is very troubling. Senate is the most "geographic" and least popular vote based, which R's of course won. House is pretty representative of popular vote, which R's of course lost.

Presidential race is certainly more popular vote based than the Senate, though it of course has geographical aspect due to the electoral college. It will be "interesting" if Trump again wins in 2020 by electoral college and again loses the popular vote.

Anyway, if we get 1 more on the SC, it will all be highly worth it regardless of what happens.
Very low voter turnout in my home state...which angers me to no end. Like has been uttered before...if Trump is not reelected (unlikely) you all better bleach and purge cause things will likely speed up on the downhill run...
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