The MMA Thread


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Just hit play, it's timestamped to the funny part.
Even funnier now hahahaha

DC vs Stipe was a surprise. Glad to see the honorary white guy black dude Cormier reaping the benefits while Jones is still sidelined for being too much of a retarded google.

Lewis vs Nigganow was indeed terrible. I think Rogan may be right in saying that Stipe mentally broke him in his last fight.

Thankfully that stinker was overshadowed by a gem of a fight from Perry and Felder, plus a vintage performance from a healthy Anthony Pettis.


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Man it sucks for DC. He has a stellar record. Strikeforce Grand Prix, Olympian, LHW & HW UFC Champ. But the thing that will haunt him forever is that he never beat Jones. That will always come up when he's not in the room, or in the back of his own mind, it will be there.
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